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Explore the art of wellness at the Peninsula Spa. Our philosophy follows a holistic therapeutic approach that stimulates the five senses. Enjoy a sweet and relaxing escape from the everyday.



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Consult our experts and select the appropriate treatment for you based on your wants and needs. Our staff is here to answer all of your questions and guide you through this relaxing experience.


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Our therapists use locally sourced, high-quality products. Guests can purchase these at our Spa and use them at their discretion – the perfect souvenir to take back home.


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Our Spa is open daily from 9:00 – 18:00. You can book your appointment online by completing the form below or on-site at the Spa or the Front Desk. If you wish to cancel your appointment, you may do so free of charge up to 12 hours before your treatment. Late cancellations and no-shows are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. 


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You are kindly requested to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to prepare for your treatment. Upon arrival, a therapist will provide you with fresh towels, one-use slippers and underwear. They will then escort you to the changing area where you can take a shower. If you wish to use the pool facilities, hamam or sauna please remember to bring your swimming costume.

Body Treatments

Facial Treatments

Massage Treatments

Alternative Treatments

  • Shiatsu 60' / €90

    Shiatsu is a specialized, healing art with Eastern origins. In Japanese, Shiatsu means "finger pressure". A Shiatsu therapist applies varied, rhythmic pressure on precise points of the body. These points are called acupressure points and are considered essential for the flow of our body's vital energy, known as qi ("chee"). The aim is to heal common ailments and correct imbalances in the body. The pressure applied promotes energy flow and aims to amend these disharmonies. Not only is it a deeply relaxing experience, but Shiatsu also helps treat pain and illness, contributing to the patient's overall wellbeing.

  • Rejuvance and Gua Sha - Natural Face Lift 50' / €80

    Rejuvance is a holistic rejuvenating facial massage that stimulates the connective tissue, muscles and energy channels. This massage releases collagen and elastin from the inside out, thus restoring the hydration and elasticity of the skin. It is combined with Gua Sha, which is a holistic Chinese treatment, which removes toxins from the skin through a scraping technique with the special tool called ‘Gua Sha’. It is performed on the face and neck to enhance blood circulation, oxygenating the tissues and helping to eliminate toxins through lymphatic drainage. Benefits include: reduction of wrinkles, the size of skin pores, swelling and dark circles, whilst tightening the face and rejuvenating the skin. It will offer an overall feeling of wellness, improved health. It is also known to help with stress related issues and insomnia.

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture 90' / €150

    Cosmetic acupuncture is a non-invasive therapy, without side effects, which reduces the signs of ageing and activates the regeneration of facial skin. With the use of small, thin needles, placed in specific areas, the muscular system is stimulated, causing a local increase in blood circulation, stimulating collagen and elastin production. For an optimal effect, aside from the face, needles are placed on the hands and feet according to the needs of each individual.This treatment offers a total rejuvenation of the face including: improvement in the quality and elasticity of the skin, reduction in wrinkles, tightening and straightening of the face, tightening of the skin pores, reduction of puffiness and dark circles and reduction of skin discolouration. During the session, the neck and face are prepared with Gua Sha and Rejuvance and then the needles are placed, which will remain on the face and body for 30 minutes. * Warning: These treatments are not suitable for people who have had recent treatments (within 6 months) with injectable products on the face (botox, threads, facelift, etc).

  • Reservation

    Please note that these treatments are provided by an external partner. They need to be booked at least one day in advance. You may call or text via WhatsApp / Viber +306982959480 to make your reservation.

Treat your Teen: Ages 13-18

Teen Regulating Facial: This facial is suitable for teenage skin that comes with various problems. As a first step, we will determine your teenager’s skin type and tailor the treatment to their specific needs. The overall therapy will involve an exfoliation, which removes the dead surface-level skin cells. After that, they will spend a few moments in the steam room, to open up the pores for the thorough cleanse that follows. A mask chosen per your teen’s specific needs is then applied. After removal, our therapist will apply an anti-oil moisturizing lotion. 

45min: €45

For the Kids

Treatments for the Youngsters: Ages: 4-12

Don’t miss out on our special prices for the younger generations.

 Full-Body Massage: 35min | €35 

After-Sun Treatment: 60min | €50 

Nail Care

Premium nail care services:
  • Manicure 60' | €30
  • Manicure shellac 60' | €45
  • Pedicure 60' | €40
  • Pedicure shellac 60' | €50
  • Shellac Removal 20' | €5


Waxing options:
  • Full Leg 60' | €25
  • Half Leg 30' | €20
  • Bikini 30' | €25
  • Eyebrow / Lip / Chin Removal 20' | €12
  • Chest / Back 40' | €20

Our Facilities

Our Spa is located by the indoor swimming pool. The retractable roof, which can be seen in the photos means this pool can be enjoyed comfortably throughout the entire season.

The Spa itself is comprised of two therapy rooms, a shower / changing room, one hamam and sauna. Toilet facilities are also available here.

60′ Dry Sauna | €10, 60′ Hamam | €10 — the use of these facilities is complimentary with the purchase of a treatment. 

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