Tsimento Beach Bar Cocktails By the Sea

The ultimate Greek Summer experience.

You will find the Tsimento Beach Bar at the cliff’s base. A magical spot, perched on a concrete platform by the sea. The crystal clear waters of this cove make it one of the most popular seaside locales in Heraklion. An ideal place to laze under the sun with a refreshing cocktail at hand. 

Eat and Drink

Grab a bite to eat with the Mediterranean blue at your feet – the epitome of Summer in Greece. Tsimento bar is situated one level above the concrete platform and offers a variety of light meals and beverages. Enjoy refreshing salads, sandwiches, wraps and more. Live pizza-making also takes place here on Weekends!  

Cool off with your drink of choice. There is something here for everyone: healthy smoothies, Greek-style iced coffees, chilled beers, mouth-watering milkshakes and of course a selection of our signature cocktails. 

Renowned mixologist Stavros Vasiliadis has compiled our cocktail list. He has created delicious recipes with fresh ingredients and the finest local spirits. 

Weekends mean Brunch! As a part of the paid menu, we also offer a delicious brunch option, which is available on weekends from 11.00 – 17:00. Follow the page: tsimeno_beach to keep up with the latest weather forecasts and updates.

The Sea

The waters at Tsimento are usually calm and crystal-clear. This tranquil state is actually quite a rare phenomenon for the North Coast of the island. This platform is one of the few spots that is rarely affected by the on-going Summer trade winds or ‘Meltemia’ that frequently stirs Crete’s Northern shores.

Tsimento is a swimmer’s paradise! Did you know that swimming in the Greek sea is about as safe as it gets? Shark attacks are unheard of, tides are barely perceptible, and here at Tsimento, the sea is rarely wavy! 

In the unlikely event of severe weather conditions, our staff will raise a red flag to warn visitors that it is not safe to swim. *Please note that parents must supervise their children at all times and that a lifeguard is not on duty.  


All-In guests are entitled to complimentary sun-beds and parasols. An All-Inclusive Drinks list is also available at the Beach Bar. It offers a selection of alcoholic beverages, juices, soft drinks and beers. Guests who opt for paid options can charge any expenses to their room by providing their full name and room number.


You can also rent a boat from the Blue Water Club here! Enjoy a fun ride and discover beautiful, secluded beaches that can only be accessed via the water. Anyone can be the ‘captain’ since there is no obligation to be a license holder in order to ride the vessel. Of course, if you prefer, a crew member can join you and take you on a wonderful tour of the neighbouring bays.

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