FAQs for Safe Holidays

Changes in Operation

Q: Are there any changes in the check-in process? 

A: Check-in has been pushed back to 15:00 pm to allow for thorough cleaning and aerial disinfection of guest rooms. Upon arrival, you may leave your luggage in a designated area near the Front Desk. The check-in process happens digitally via mobile to avoid congregation at the Front Desk. Log on to the resort’s public Wi-Fi and follow a few simple steps. Having completed this process, you can start using all the hotel facilities. Please make sure to double-check with our receptionists regarding your check-in time, upon availability, you may be able to enter your room earlier.  

Q: Is the main restaurant in operation? How is food served?

A: Our main buffet restaurant is operating as normal. Food is served by members of staff, trained in Covid-safe procedures and equipped with full PPE that is changed on a regular basis. One-use gloves will also be provided to guests. Floor markings ensure that guests keep a safe distance whilst being served. 

Q: Do guests have to wear masks in the main restaurant?

A: It is mandatory for all guests to wear a face mask whilst being served in the buffet area. Masks may be removed whilst sitting at the dinner table while being served.

Q: How do you handle seating in public areas such as restaurants, bars, lounge, beach, pool?

A: All public spaces have reduced seating and adhere to the required safe spacing between tables. Floor markings have also been included at our bars. 

Q: Is there an outdoor space in all your restaurants?

A:  Our main restaurant has ample outdoor space and all seating areas are well ventilated. Meremeti Restaurant is entirely open-air and all tables are spaced according to safety protocols. 

Q: What safety and contactless procedures do you have in place at Restaurants and Bars? 

A: Menus for all Bars and our À la Carte Restaurant, Meremeti, are available in digital form. This menu can be accessed by scanning a QR code found in most public areas of the resort.  

Q: How is food cleansed and washed? How is food stored and handled?

Our resort follows strict procedures in the processing and serving of food and beverages. HACCP is a management system that ensures food hygiene, mitigating any potential health hazards through a set of detailed rules and principles. These are applied throughout the whole F&B department: from procurement and handling to manufacturing, distribution, and final product consumption. The resort fully complies with all of these HACCP directives.

Q: Can I use the pools?

A: All outdoor pools are in use and safely chlorinated. Our Salt-Water Pool, which uses seawater is also chlorinated to enhance our hygiene protocol. Furthermore, we follow European Union procedures and guidelines for proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection.

The required safe spacing measures are applied between parasols and loungers with regular disinfection of sunbeds, loungers and equipment after each use.  Thorough water quality checks are performed on our seawater chlorinated pool according to WHO guidelines.

*Please note that in 2020, as per government protocols, the indoor pool was not in operation. 

Q: Can I book a spa treatment?

A: We take bookings for facial and body treatments, as well as massages. These can either be performed in-room or in an open-air location, which has been set up for the purpose of improved ventilation.

Q: How do therapists sanitize?

A: All therapists wash their hands thoroughly and disinfect all materials used before, during and after treatments. As standard practice, staff members are trained to follow personal hygiene habits, required by state and local public health departments. In addition, we have implemented increased cleaning regimens (including the use of disinfectants known to work on similar viruses to the novel coronavirus) and have added health-related signage alongside hand sanitizer dispensers in all hotel departments. 

Q: How is nail care equipment cleaned? 

A: We wash all equipment with soap and hot water and use boiling water for 20 minutes on a rolling boil. Equipment is then placed in alcohol for 20 minutes before being stored. 

*Please note that in 2020 the hamam and sauna were not in operation as per state protocols. 

Q: How does the housekeeping service work? Is there an afternoon turndown service?

A: In order to minimize physical contact, following government safety protocols, housekeeping cleaning services are scheduled according to individual guests’ needs. Please let us know what your preferred cleaning schedule is. You may dial 9 from your room to inform the Front Desk. 

Q: How often are towels and linen changed?

A: In order to minimize physical contact following safety protocols, towels are changed daily and linen every third day unless otherwise requested by the guest.

Q: How are linen and towels washed, disinfected and managed within the hotel?

A: Our partners are institutional and hotel laundry cleaning experts with years of experience, offering high quality cleaning services in accordance to the management system ISO 9001: 2008 in line with industrial laundries. They have also received further certifications and training specific to COVID-19.